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LIVE – Shipping Now!

Streamlining The Way You Deliver Premium LIVE Video Content


COGO LIVE is a software designed to revolutionize Live Streaming of high quality video over the internet. With bit rates for high quality HD video as low as 2Mbps , getting your content out in beautiful HD has never been more affordable. The cost savings from internet connection to bandwidth for distribution make COGO LIVE the economical choice. COGO LIVE will also record your video at the same bit rate while you stream, creating files for later distribution saving storage costs. COGO LIVE can be used anywhere a connection to the internet where enough bandwidth is available.

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CODER – Shipping NOW!

Delivering Spectacular Video Content With Remarkable Efficiency

COGO CODER is a desktop encoder with NewCinema’s COGO compression technology. COGO CODER allows you  to encode as many minutes of video per month that your computer can produce for one monthly price. It was designed for companies or individuals who either do not have the bandwidth to upload their content to COGO CLOUD, have security concerns around uploading their content or who have other reasons for keeping the encoding process on local computers. COGO CODER comes in 2 versions. COGO CODERHD – will encode resolutions up to 1080p and is designed for those who do not quite need the higher resolution of 4K/UHD yet. COGO CODER4K – will encode resolutions up to 4K (4096×2304), and is designed for 4K/UHD content providers.



Transforming The Economics of Delivering Extraordinary Video Experiences


COGO BROADCAST can get content out to consumers in many different ways. From UDP to TCP, CBR to ABR and live to recorded content, COGO BROADCAST delivers amazing low bit rate high quality video.

Current broadcast models can benefit from COGO technology by improving picture quality and lowering bit rates at the same time. Moving to an OTT model bit rate will determine the reach of service providers and the depth of content available at one time. Lowering the bit rate of content expands the depth of content and reach of providers meaning more potential customers. Add to that superior picture quality and you have a winning combination, COGO BROADCAST.

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Revolutionizing “Live” Streaming of High Quality Video Over The Internet


Make just a few selections and you are on your way to a great looking ready-to-stream video file freeing you to do more important things. Resolution, bit rate and container type can all be changed while allowing multiple resolutions from one file. With our suggested bit rate for the chosen resolution, you are assured of quality on par with that of the source video.


The suggested bit rates are:


  • 3840×2160 @ 6Mbps
  • 1920×1080 @ 3Mbps
  • 1280×720 @ 2Mbps
  • 960×540 @ 1Mbps
  • 640×360 @ 512Kbps
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