About Us

Our Mission

Develop technologies that help our customers deliver the highest quality video to any device, anywhere at any time.

Our Strategy

Be the key ingredient supplier of compression technology capable of delivering superior video quality at extraordinarily low bit rates. We will move the market past good enough; delivering superior fidelity images while concurrently minimizing both data bandwidth and storage requirements.

Video Encoding Technologies
Video Delivery Technologies
Video Services Technology
Cloud Video Technologies

Our Team

Harry Friedman


Mr. Friedman been in the television, film and music industry since 1977. He has owned and managed production, post production and equipment concerns in New York, Los Angeles, and Texas. These ventures have been responsible for the creation of content of filmed programming to all major networks, and a multitude of private clients. He has fostered the creation and execution of numerous start-up ventures, most currently ``Your Constituent,`` an enterprise level software company dedicated to creating a dynamic system for companies involved in the development of new interactive tools for OTT programming.

Todd Bryant

CTO, Founder

Mr. Bryant has been in the production and post production technology industry for 19 years with three technology startups focused on video and film production and distrubution. He was a co-founder of BOXX Technologies and has been working on video compression technologies for the past 10 years. He holds several technology patents.

Steve Ewing

VP, Sales

Mr. Ewing has an extensive career in both computer systems and information technology as well as music and film production. He has worked at companies such as IBM and Boeing Computer Services as well as a several independent record companies and three feature-film production groups. Mr. Ewing has also been responsible for Business Development - North America for an international network storage company. Over the years he has helped start, finance and manage a number of exciting technology companies, several of which successfully completed initial public offerings.

Mark Tullos

VP, Sales Engineering

Mr. Tullos has been in the production and post production industry for 13 years. Prior to that he spent 10 years in the consumer electronics field and 6 years in network and server administration. Bring all of these skills together and you have a uniquely qualified person to head up our IT department.